The Printers Guide to SEO

The major search engines Google and Bing, are excellent sources of visitors to your website. In particular, Google can provide enough visitors, inquiries, and sales to sustain most print businesses and make their website a worthwhile investment, so you must pay attention to SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is both an art and a […]

The Benefits of Web2Print

Before understanding the full benefits of the web to print, it’s important to understand how the definition of the web to print has evolved, and what printers are wanting to achieve by utilizing the web to print technology. So what is web to print? Traditionally for many printers web to print is the process of using […]

Why printers are investing in MIS

A good MIS system should make all stages of sales and production easier to manage. Complete workflow automation allows you to keep track of costs, profits, response times and reduce administration. By investing in an MIS the whole process from gathering initial customer enquiries, through production management and invoicing should be seamless and allow you […]

How an online print catalogue helps increase website performance

A key feature on a print eCommerce website build using OPS is that it offers print businesses the opportunity to build a comprehensive online print catalogue. This can include a page on your website promoting any product or service your business provides, including imagery and a text description alongside the ability to purchase a product […]

Will Print E-commerce Be The ‘New Normal’ After Lockdown?

At the moment it feels very much as if we are all poised to see what happens next. Over the past several weeks, the UK has found itself moving in ever changing circles through what is possibly an unimaginable situation – unless of course you like to read a lot of Orwell or Huxley! There […]

Simple Tips For Creating Your First Social Media Strategy

The Coronavirus lockdown measures have led to an inevitable move from face to face meetings to the utilisation of technology to keep the world ticking along. Many business that were deemed to be non-essential by the government have taken this opportunity to look into what changes they could make to their current business practices to […]

What Is Happening To Print Ecommerce in 2020?

In our blog article, Will Print Ecommerce Be The New ‘Normal’ After Lockdown?, we discussed how print eCommerce had changed to meet the increasing demands of customers to shop online during lockdown and whether this trend was likely to continue post lockdown. What Is Happening In The Wider Economy? In the Office for National Statistics most […]

What’s The Use Of Augmented Reality In The World Of Print?

There has been a lot of talk recently about using augmented reality to enhance the customer experience and to bring a digital element to printed material, but what’s the use of augmented reality in print? What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality can be loosely defined as imposing sensory elements over a real world environment that […]

How Do I Plan My Christmas 2020 Ecommerce Sales Approach?

In our previous blog, What Is Happening To Print Ecommerce in 2020?, we discussed how printer ecommerce had been growing exponentially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What does this mean for traditionally the busiest quarter of online retail this year? We will provide an insight into the current trends in ecommerce, where we think the trends […]

What is Web to Print?

It’s a term that’s bandied around quite a lot these days, but it’s not always totally clear exactly what Web to Print actually means. If you ask ten different printers or graphic designers ‘What is web to print?’, you’re likely to get ten slightly different answers. A Brief History Printers have been selling online for […]