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Does Marketing For Printers Really Matter?

We all know that printers provide marketing materials such as flyers and banners for their customers, but what about marketing for printers themselves?

Often in the rush to get the job done marketing can be the furthest thing from a printer’s mind when they are considering the day to day business but marketing your business is just as important as helping your customers market their own.

What Do Your Customers See In You?

The most important aspect of marketing to get right is the way in which you portray your business to your customers. When considering marketing for printers it is important to think about your brand and whether it accurately and clearly describes who you are and what you do.

What does your brand look like? Do you have a logo? Do you have a colour scheme? Even the most basic of style guidelines will go a long way towards making your brand recognisable to your customers, both current and prospective.

How Do You Set Up Shop?

If you have a high street presence, it’s imperative that you think of any external display that you might be able to use to entice passing trade. From signage on the outside of your premises, to A boards and even storefront window displays, the image you present should be recognisable, clean, and it should succinctly describe your business function.

If you have an ecommerce website, it’s a great idea to think of your website homepage in a similar way. Using your style guidelines, your website should display your business in the best possible light, whether this is on the homepage, category pages, or product pages.

Offline Marketing

Most printers are adept at offline marketing, usually because they have created marketing materials for customers and know what to look for on a good flyer, poster, vinyl, etc.

It’s pretty easy to use the skills and experience already gained and apply it to your own business. One of the aspects of offline marketing that it is important to remember is the location of those marketing materials. For example, where are your posters best placed?

Online Marketing

Sometimes online marketing, such as seo, for printers can be a bit daunting. The best rule of thumb for search engine optimisation is to write naturally and write for what fits your website. Of course, seo is a little more complex than this, and seo for printers is a little more niche than perhaps other industries.

A good non-technical piece of advice is to consider your audience. What terminology do they use, how do they write or speak, this will give you an idea of the kind of words or phrases that are likely to rank well.

If you are still really confused by organic and paid advertising, it is a good idea to employ a professional that will apply their technical knowledge and expertise to improve the visibility of your print business online.

Why Choose Flex4?

Flex4 have over 10 years’ experience in designing, developing and supporting web to print systems, solutions and services for print businesses in both the UK and overseas.

We have an experienced eCommerce team with skills and experience in business development, marketing, project management, software development, website management, printer ecommerce, seo for printers, and online marketing for printers.

Our raison d’être is to help your business to grow by increasing your print revenues and reducing your administration costs. The result is a better ordering experience for your customers and a better margin and more efficient process for you.