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How an online print catalogue helps increase website performance

A key feature on a print eCommerce website build using OPS is that it offers print businesses the opportunity to build a comprehensive online print catalogue.

This can include a page on your website promoting any product or service your business provides, including imagery and a text description alongside the ability to purchase a product online or place an enquiry for more information.

This creates a much larger website that clearly advertisers all services you provide. Here are the ways in can increase website performance:

Promote a big business image

Like many print companies you may currently only operate in your immediate local area and see the online marketplace dominated by larger companies.  However, the beauty of the online marketplace is you can easily begin advertising a wide range of products and services alongside any competitor, regardless of their size.

A small and simple website may do the job of giving you a low-key online presence, and that’s an important first step. However, it’s only when you introduce a large selection of print products and design services that you begin to promote yourself with a big business image.

Build a wide variety of search rankings

Introducing a large print catalogue also increases the number of pages on your website, which is key to building website authority. Search engines such as Google don’t consider small websites as an authority and the quest of any SEO campaign is to overcome this in order to achieve high search rankings.

That said, increasing the number of pages on your website doesn’t unfortunately mean you’ll immediately build high search engine rankings.

However, with a large amount of useful pages which include keyword rich and relevant content, you’ve got a great foundation to work from. Simply introducing a large amount of pages with little thought or effort made to the content, will not provide any SEO advantage, and could actually do more harm than good.

Product pages with content created around detailed keyword research will bring instant value to your website visitors, and search rankings will follow.

Provide clear information to customers

Alongside offering more gateways for potential visitors to find your website online, a complete print catalogue also provides further information. Details such as print options, pricing, turnaround times and packages are important to your customers decision making. Providing quick access to this information on a product by product basis will provide a great user experience.

This will lead to faster decision making a more trusted relationships with customers.

The Online Print Solution

The Online Print Solution provides you with a complete web to print eCommerce solution. Grow your print business online with an online print shop, including an online product catalogue, individual pricing structures and user friendly payment processing.

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