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The Evolutionary Tale Of Print

Whether you prefer to source the earliest days of print as handprints being used to create pattern on prehistoric cave walls; or prefer your definition of the invention of print to the invention of paper in 105AD – the same fact remains – print has been invaluable to humans since time immemorial.

Why Is Print So Important?

Print communicates.

Whether it’s a pictorial story invented before written language was widely perceived, or a novel of historical significance read across the world, print has a place in our history and the development of mankind as we know it today.

Print helps us in a crisis – floor graphics and social distancing signage during the covid-19 pandemic. Print informs us and helps us grow – school textbooks. Print entertains and enthrals us – birthday cards and creative packaging.

There is no doubt that print is all around us and is that widely experienced in daily human life that, unless you are in the industry, its presence is imperative and yet somewhat imperceivable.

Why Is Print So Clever?

Print is big and it’s clever.

Print has evolved. From its humble beginnings – a handprint in clay, to our current future printer ecommerce – ordering online and workflow automation with intuitive systems and presses.

It seems that whilst humans are necessary for each development step of Print, Print is undoubtedly bigger than all of us.

What Is The Future Of Print?

Print remains an intrinsic part of daily life for almost every human on this planet but with the move towards a digital world – what is the future of print?

As mentioned earlier workflow automation is likely to be embraced much more widely than it has been previously as is printer ecommerce. The move towards digital requires adaptability on behalf of the human race.

Whilst the high street is not dead, it’s certainly struggling. Online sales are growing at an exponential rate and as the world embraces online shopping and we are likely to see web to print systems and printer ecommerce embraced more fully in the industry to meet customer demand.

Whilst some print products may be replaced by a digital alternative, most print products are heralded as they provide something that digital cannot – they appeal to all your senses. For example, there is no way currently for an e-book to generate the emotional response of a bound book which will appeal not only to sight but also to smell, sound, and touch.

The future of Print is not either digital or print. The future of Print is in embracing and respecting the existence of both digital and print.

It is in understanding how they can work together, and how the industry can adapt to meet Print’s evolutionary needs.

Why Choose OPS?

Powerful – OPS is a powerful web to print system that has been designed for the print industry.

Flexible – OPS is a flexible software solution and Flex4 are expert at bespoke design.

Affordable – OPS can be paid for upfront or using our new monthly payment plans.

Why Choose Flex4?

Flex4 have over 15 years’ experience in designing, developing and supporting web to print systems, solutions and services for print businesses in both the UK and overseas.

We have an experienced eCommerce team with skills and experience in business development, marketing, project management, software development, website management, printer ecommerce, seo for printers, and online marketing for printers.

Our raison d’être is to help your business to grow by increasing your print revenues and reducing your administration costs. The result is a better ordering experience for your customers and a better margin and more efficient process for you.